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Showbox lite APK

SHOWBOX lite APKShow box lite apk as you can guess from the name “LITE” is developed mainly for those devices which have low bandwidth and internet speed. Lite versions come with an ad-free and torent free experience. you can read reviews of movies, dramas on latest Showbox lite apk version.it’s actually very interesting if you love to read reviews of movies.

This version of Show box lite APK available for Android devices rather it is the tablet of any mobile having android operating system known as Showbox lite which gives the maximum functionality of original Showbox but with a small and more manageable footprint. the Showbox lite app is smaller than full it, its optimization and cached memory is very low .it need a very small memory to use in the background. when you are using Showbox lite app.

Showbox lite apk

Showbox lite apk

Is showbox lite is ad-free and torrent free app?

Actually Showbox lite is a modified version of the original Showbox app.this version has been modified by resides to be a torrent free version of the Showbox. and this app is ideal for those who don’t want to use torrents on their device .you can’t judge the difference between Showbox lite and normal app because video streaming in the latest version is same as the normal app.


Show box is based on Showbox V4.65 but is almost half the size of the current version of Showbox is for all devices with limited space.

why showbox lite app is giving an error on installing sometime?

In order to download and install the show box lite version. you need to first uninstall the old versions of Showbox.

Requirements for Showbox apk lite

  • Showbox apk lite supports all android versions
  • It is introduced for devices with fewer requirements like RAM and Space
  • For pc, you need bluestacks software, because bluestacks is the best and latest software available in the market.
  • For iPhone users, Showbox apk lite supports all the IOS versions

How to install Showbox lite on windows PC?

  • There is no official app to download Showbox lite on pc, but you can use it by using bluetacks .in the following I am going to show you a detailed guide on how to install blue stacks on your PC.
  • Click here to download the bluestacks on pc .just download and follow the guide to install bluestacks.
  • After installing bluestacks just go to https://showboxfree.com
  • From this website, you can easily download Showbox lite apk with no adds and torrent free link

How to install Showbox lite Apk on fireTV?

  • Let’s see how to install Showbox no ads on firestick.
  • First Go to Settings > System > Developer Options > Turn on ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown sources.
  • Now open search option in firestick and search for the downloader.
  • Now open the downloader and click on get.

  • After downloading the downloader app open the app
  • After downloading the app, now you can install the app with the help of given manual

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It can also be installed on the android device, Mobile, tablet or Amazon, fire tvbox or stick. For use on a firestick which has a remote with limited capabilities. you need the mouse toggle air mouse app.

it also supports chromecast also.


  • ShowBox Lite APK is my ad-free and torrent-free version of Show Box
  • Its take less space than Showbox app
  • It consumes less data volume than normal Showbox app
  • the latest Showbox lite version available on a website
  • Absolutely free for download on every device.
  • All the content is categorized for easy navigation.
  • A user interface in Lite app lite is very user-friendly and convenient

Drawbacks Showbox Apk lite version

  • it probably gets spam when you download the app from spammed websites
  • LITEis  illegal to download copyright content in some countries so we have to use VPN for those locations
  • Sometimes its restart the app, while streaming the video, you just need to clear the cache of the app and mobile.
  • When you try android v4.8.2(your moded version) and then uninstalled and back to 1.4.it gave you a server error
  • Show box lite APK is based on show box V4.65 and smaller in size. but it uses the old subtitle method where you need open subtitles or  Gmail account, but it may not work on every device
  • Due to limited functions, Showbox lite falls back in front of the Showbox app.

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 How to install the latest Showbox lite APK?

If you have never installed the APK file, you just need to pass through some step

How to install the latest showbox lite apk?

How to install the latest Showbox lite APK?

  • Go to your devices main settings menu
  • Menu>settings.security>unknown sources>make sure box beside this is checked screenshots,
Showbox APK Download

Showbox APK Download

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